Set theory proof of existence of God

The following is a candidate for a proof of the existence of God.

Proposition:  If a set is unique, then it exists.

Proof:  If a set is unique, i.e. is properly specified so that a set having the properties is equal to the set, then even if the set has no members, it exists as the empty set.

Example  x^2 + 1 = 0. Let A be the integer solutions.  This set A is unique, but it is empty.

  1. God is unique.
  2. God contains other things and thus is a set.
  3. Thus God is a unique set.
  4. Therefore God exists.

God’s uniqueness.

  1. Creator.
  2. Moral law giver.
  3. First cause.
  4. Judge of the dead.

God is a set

  1. Trinity is a set for those who define God to be the Trinity.
  2. God contains therefore God is a set.
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Bain Capitals deals are already evil

Bain Capital’s deals may not already be illegal, but they are certainly already evil.

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Math is spiritual and uplifting

The study of math is spiritual and uplifting.  When we study math we are calmed and are able to appreciate what is greater than ourselves.

When we pass on math, we do good.  This should give us a feeling of satisfaction.   Churches should make a little math part of what they teach.

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Perry Mason morality was accepted and common in 1950s

The morality in Perry Mason stories was accepted in the 1950s.   What you did when you got in a jam and cut corners was accepted as wrong.  This is now what Bain sets out to do deliberately.  This is a change.

Mitt Romney’s actions at Bain are so wrong, that we have to ask ourselves what is wrong with us that we can vote for him?  What has happened to community norms, that Romney’s Leveraged Bust Outs could seem like morality?




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Bain Capital v Perry Mason story

In Perry Mason, a 1950s era businessman will often get into a jam.  He is trying to run a legitimate business, but he gets in debt and then can’t make a payment and tries to take the easy way out.

Bain tries to create the bad situations that make people act badly in a Perry Mason story.  Bain creates crushing debt that can’t be repaid without doing bad things.  These includes like firing good workers and replacing them with 3rd world workers in bad working conditions.  That is wrong in and of itself.   Bain tries to make that become the New Morality.

The business schools at elite universities teach this new morality.  Harvard Business School that produced Mitt Romney taught this callousness.  They had a special class for it, but the whole school taught it.

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Bain Capital targeted morality itself

Bain Capital expose by Matt Taibbi video.

The Wall Street LBO crowd didn’t just want to push individuals down, they wanted to break down communities, social networks, and morality itself.   Mitt Romney was very much part of that.

The LBO crowd and Wall Street debt machines have developed a psychopath morality.  This is beyond being a psychopath in a traditional community.  It is the attempt to construct a morality around psychopathic values.


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How can Christians stop the Bain Capitals of Wall Street?

Linette Lopez at Business Insider.

More specifically, it’s about Romney’s time at Bain and how he earned his fortune— something his campaign hasn’t necessarily been completely transparent about. The piece is called “Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital,” and it’s this month’s Rolling Stone cover story.

The piece is long, and of course, written in classic Taibbi style, so it goes fast, but we pinpointed 10 points that we found shocking/damning overall.

Paraphrase of BI/Taibbi 10 points.

  1. Romney/Bain used debt to fund “management” fees to Bain.
  2. Romney avoided Vietnam
  3. Bain was a Leveraged Bust Out (LBO) Firm
  4. Romney’s lawyer warned him not to respond to worker mail.
  5. Romney plays psychopathic mind games even on million a year fellow Bain vampires.
  6. Bain looted first over all other claims to cashflow or decency.
  7. Milken liked Bain deals.
  8. Bain dunked Duncan Donuts in Debt.
  9. Romney sheared the hair off his taxes.
  10. Romney’s Olympics bill like a Bain Bust Out deal.

Christians need to oppose this corruption.  Deals like Bain deals should be prosecuted.   It is wrong to support them or the Wall Street doing them.

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