Perry Mason morality was accepted and common in 1950s

The morality in Perry Mason stories was accepted in the 1950s.   What you did when you got in a jam and cut corners was accepted as wrong.  This is now what Bain sets out to do deliberately.  This is a change.

Mitt Romney’s actions at Bain are so wrong, that we have to ask ourselves what is wrong with us that we can vote for him?  What has happened to community norms, that Romney’s Leveraged Bust Outs could seem like morality?





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One Response to Perry Mason morality was accepted and common in 1950s

  1. Forest says:

    The people of Alexandria VA, where you live/work and the alumni of Johns Hopkins University, Brandeis University and the University of Chicago where you trained deserve to know that you are an unabashed white supremacist, white nationalist, and anti-Semite, who advocates for the forceful relocation of non-white people and denies the Holocaust.

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