Mark Tenney is the author of this blog.  He lives in Alexandria, Virginia. This blog represents his own opinions and not those of any organization.

Mark Tenney is the author of Pre-Algebra New Math Done Right Peano Axioms.

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Those who wish to post comments in a secular spirit should post at New Math Done Right.  Those who wish to scoff should post at Math, Blaith and Works.  But be prepared to be bested by Christian Soldiers.  Bad language is not tolerated at any blog.

You may post links to your own books or works as long as it is tasteful.

The author maintains an unapologetic pride in his English, Scottish, German, American, European and Christian heritage.

Part of the work of this blog is maintaining not just the math, scientific, artistic, philosophic and cultural heritage but also the existence of European Christian peoples.   This blog will unashamedly defend the right of these people to exist at a time when this right is under siege.

This blog does not see it as Christian to eliminate European or White cities, farms, or countrysides from the face of the earth.  Defending this heritage and maintaining it is part of the mission of this blog.  This blog celebrates all that has been and will be created in European and White cities, farms, and countrysides.

Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders, Gott helfe mir, Amen.

Jerusalem – Blake

Taking a stand gives us more courage for the fight.  When we have something to lose, we have something to fight for.  The great heritage of the Christian West is the Work of God.  This blog will not turn away from defending it and fighting for its survival and the people who created it in these dark days for both.


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